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Spring Car Care Tips
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Spring Car Care Tips

It's spring! Well for some of the country it already it and for the rest it will be soon. Now is a great time to take a close look at your car to see how it fared during the harsh winter months.

1) Check all fluid levels. If you are like me you don't really want to go out in the cold to check your brake fluid or the coolant level in your radiator or reservoir. Now that the weather is warming a little it is a great time to do so. Keep in mind when the fluid is low it might indicate a problem. For example, if your coolant level is low in your coolant reservoir then you might have sprung a leak somewhere in your cooling system. If you notice any low fluids it might be good to take your car to get it looked at to be sure there aren't any problems.

2) Check the voltage in your battery. Anytime there are major temperature changes (like going from winter to spring) your battery is more likely to fail. You can test it yourself with a voltmeter or you can simply take it to your trusted mechanic or any good auto parts store. Most will do this testing for free.

3) Give your windows a good cleaning. Most likely you have been driving in less than ideal conditions and your windows probably show it. One of the best ways to improve visibility when the sun starts shining more is to just get them clean.

4) Clean out the inside of your car.I've found that I'm less likely to clean out the inside of my car when it is cold outside. It is so much easier when I can just leave all the doors open for easy access. Spring is a great time to get out the winter mess.

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Check Out My New Brake Pads and Rotor Installation Guide

I've been working hard on putting together a comprehensive guide to replacing front brake pads as well as rotors. Check it out here.

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