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Looking for a JustAnswer review? Is JustAnswer legit? Then you have come to the best place to find one! I have seen both sides of JustAnswer.com. I have been a paid expert on JustAnswer Mechanics for about 5 years so I know some of the inside workings of this question answering site.

I have also used them to find the answers to some of my own questions. What you see below will be one of the most in-depth reviews of this website that you will probably see anywhere. If you have further questions after reading you can ask them using the comments & questions box below my post.

What is JustAnswer.com?

Justanswer.com is a website that allows users to ask questions about a large range of topics to experts for varying amounts of money. It was founded in 2003 by a guy named Andy Kurtzig. The site gets somewhere around 10 million visitors every month.

This website has built on the success of sites like Yahoo Answers but has found a way to generate a profit from users asking questions of experts. Let's look at the good and the bad about this site.

How JustAnswer Works

1. First a visitor gets to the JustAnswer website and asks a question, then they are prompted to create a account.

2. After they have created their account they then are taken to their question and asked for some details. They are asked to state how urgent their question is (more urgency = more money) and how in depth the question is.

3. They are then asked to provide a deposit (users can opt to ask their question before placing a deposit). This deposit is returned if they do not accept an answer.

4. When they submit their question it goes into the question pool for experts to answer. One the experts side they are notified of the new question and the first expert to click on it gets to answer. They are locked onto the question and no other expert can answer until they are not locked onto the question.

5. After the expert answers, the asker gets notified by e-mail that there is an answer to their question.

6. The askers then have several options:

a. They can accept the answer if they are satisfied (by pressing the accept button, the expert gets paid and the asker pays justanswer)

b. They can ask a follow up question (the asker can do this as many times as is needed and they are not charged more...I've had askers follow up over 20 times)

c. They can reject the answer (in this case the expert will not be paid and the askers account will show that they didn't pay for one answer).

7. The asker and expert will both be asked to provide feedback for each other and the asker will have the option to give the expert a tip. This is about everything that happens during a normal question.

JustAnswer Review - The Bad

For this JustAnswer review, I will first look at the bad aspects of this question and answer website.

Is JustAnswer legit? Some people think that JustAnswer is a scam and that is all the website is about. I can assure you that it is not a scam. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have earned the TRUSTe Privacy Seal of Approval.

However... Like all businesses and websites there are things that are not handled correctly. Lets look at some of the things that justanswer.com does not do well at.

One of the most important criticisms of this website is that they do not offer refunds quickly and sometimes take more money out of peoples account than was approved.

I'm not sure of the reasons for this, but I do know that when someone first signs up for an account and asks a question they might not understand how it works... and unknowingly ask more than one question and therefore get charged for each question asked. When I used justanswer.com I did not have this problem, but if you have this problem, it is important to contact them right away so they can get it resolved asap.

Another problem that I want to talk about in the justanswer review is the problem of users not getting their answers in a timely manner. I can say as an expert of justanswer.com that this really surprises me.

Experts are logged on to answer questions constantly, in fact, it is hard to answer questions because they are taken so quickly... you have to be quick with your mouse to get to them. I'm guessing that the main people who have problems like this are people who ask questions from other countries (although justanswer.com seems to be getting better at recruiting experts from across the globe) or questions that don't make sense, etc.

I've read other justanswer reviews that list many other "problems" but it seems like most of their problems are problems that they caused or are not willing to work out with the website. The problems listed above are the most common and most problematic that I have found. They are also the basis for what some people think is a justanswer scam. Now for the good part of my justanswer review.

JustAnswer Review - The Good

In my opinion as both an expert and a user of JustAnswer Mechanics there are many things to like about it.

One of the best things about it for people who are working on their cars is that they now have access to the same technicians who work at the dealerships. For a relatively very small fee anyone can get almost any information that they want, including wiring diagrams, part numbers, dealer estimates, diagnostic advice, trouble trees and step by step guidance on virtually any job that they would want to do. This is a game changer for the DIY mechanic.

I've read some reviews where people are complaining about JustAnswer cost (~$20 to $30) . This baffles me. I could take my car to a dealership and get charged $100 per hour or more to have some simple diagnostics done, or I could ask the same dealer level technicians how to diagnose the problem myself. I would get all the same info they have and they would help me diagnose it. All of this for less than an oil change.

As you can tell in my justanswer review, I have a lot of good things to say about this website. I really believe that the average do it yourself mechanic can save a lot of money by using this website.


My conclusion in this justanswer review is that justanswer is a great resource for those looking for auto repair information.

Whether it be diagnostic advice, pictures, wiring diagrams or just someone to "hold their hand" while they tackle an intimidating project. That being said I don't think it is for everyone. I definitely recommend doing a web search about your auto repair problem first. There are many things that you can find out for free online.

Keep in mind as well that the technicians on JustAnswer.com are technicians. Some of them are great at working with people and know how to explain things in a way that others can understand and others of them aren't so good at it. If you have no knowledge of cars then go read about the problem you are having so you can talk to them and know what they are talking about.

Now that I've given you my justanswer review I will give you the option to try JustAnswer for yourself. Please let me know if you love them or hate them. If I find that they aren't satisfying lots of people I might have to change my review. You can ask your auto repair question below:

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