Got a Car Repair Question?
Ask a Mechanic Online Now

If you're looking for answers to your car repair questions, find out where you can ask a mechanic online for a small fee or even for free.

Asking a mechanic online is a quick and convenient way to resolve many auto repair questions by yourself or at least give you a clearer picture of the problem before you bring down your vehicle to the repair shop.

JustAnswer - Detailed Answers by Verified Mechanics

If your car repair question is urgent or you're looking for detailed advice that you can trust, then JustAnswer will fit the bill nicely. Even as a professional mechanic myself, I turn to this site for help when I encounter baffling or complicated problems. Most of time, my questions were answered within minutes.

One, you will be getting an accurate answer from an experienced mechanic with knowledge of your specific vehicle. For a small fee (about $20 to $30), you can ask a mechanic online on any information that you might need, from wiring diagrams to step-by-step repair procedures so you can fix your vehicle yourself.

Two, they make your auto repair questions will be answered by a certified mechanic. Besides having to pass a knowledge test on vehicles they represent, all mechanics will need their education and work experience verified by a third party. Most of these auto technicians work at dealerships or repair shops during the day and answer questions at night.

Three, the fees for asking a mechanic online are cheap (about $20+) and for that price, you get to ask as many follow up questions until you're satisified. Compared this to a visit to an auto shop where it can cost you $100 and more for an hour of consultation (not counting labor and parts). If you are not fully satisfied, then you don't have to pay a cent. You only pay when you get a good quality answer and accept it.

Ask a mechanic online using the form below or click here for my full JustAnswer review.

2CarsPro - Ask Your Auto Repair Questions for Free

You can also consider this as well if you're looking for a free service. In general you will have to wait much longer for an answer but for the price, I can't complain at all.

While this 2CarsPro is a helpful service for sure, the issue I have is that their answers are less indepth and detailed than JustAnswer. It will suffice in cases where you have a good working knowledge of your vehicle or where the issue is very minor.

Understandably, there is also no way to send them follow up questions in case you require more specific details or there are points that you don't understand in their answer.

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