Head Gasket Repair Cost

Let's talk about head gasket repair cost. When you hear those dreaded words from the mechanic at the auto repair shop you cringe because it just sounds bad. Unfortunately for car owners it is a difficult repair to perform. This means that no only is it hard to do-it-yourself but some automotive technicians can’t even do them well. 

I’m here to help. I’ll start with some things that can cause this type of car problem, then tell you what to expect and how to get a blown head gasket repair estimate right on this website.

What is a Head Gasket?

Your cars engine is made up of the engine block (this is the main large piece of metal that makes up your engine) and cylinder heads (this is the part that houses the pistons, valves, etc.) and lots of other parts and pieces.

Automotive manufacturers have to have a way of joining the two parts of the engine in such a way that it will create an air and water tight seal. To to this they use a gasket. It is made up of a paper like substance that has metal rings molded into it that go around the cylinders. This part makes the engine and cylinder heads seal nicely and helps create a water and air tight seal.

What Causes Head Gaskets to Go Bad?

There are several things that cause most of this type of car problem. The first thing is a car overheating. If you have a coolant leak or if your water pump goes bad then at some point your car will overheat. If it gets too hot then it will cause the head gasket to go bad. The overheated engine will no longer have coolant circulating around all the important parts (one of them being the cylinder head gasket) and will basically melt.

Why Does Head Gasket Replacement Cost So Much?

The main thing that contributes to repair cost is the labor and time it takes for the automotive mechanic to remove the cylinder head from the engine block, install a new head gasket then put it all back together. Since this part is in the middle of the engine and there are lots of parts bolted onto it and all of it has to be removed it takes a very long time to do it correctly.

How Much Does a Head Gasket Repair Cost?

You can get a free estimate from the Repair Pal Estimator. Just enter your car's information (year, make, model, car problem, etc.) and the estimated amount for this repair will be shown. If you are taking your car to a dealership it will cost more than if you take it to an independent repair shop.

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