Searching for a mechanic online can be time consuming and frustrating. Thankfully you can find lots of mechanic information online. One website that helps you find a good mechanic in your area is

This website contacts thousands of shop owners weekly to be sure their information is up to date and accurate. They have over 500,000 shops listed in their database all over the US.

I use the internet to search for all kinds of different things. One of the things I hate the most is doing all the work to find a good business that I think will work for me just to find that they aren’t open when I get there because the hours listed on the website are not correct. helps to keep that problem from happening. They are proactive and contact shops to make sure all their information is accurate. This means that when you find a repair shop on their website the contact information, hours of operation and location should all be very accurate.


There is also a place for each shop to add pictures and info about the owners and technicians. You can see a map of the repair shop location right on the shops page which is great for showing it’s exact location.

Repair shops that are listed can be reviewed by customers so you know what other customers have experienced. This is a great feature and give the customer a way to let others know of bad mechanics. It’s always nice to be able to go online to look at what kind of experience other customers have had.

You can also ask questions, read articles and watch repair videos on the site. The questions are answered by mechanics or by people who have experience with the problem you are having. Some tough questions don’t get answered or are answered by someone who has advice but may not know about the particular question you are asking.

On each repair facility’s page there is a place for coupons. Every shop page that I looked at had at least one coupon, and some had several.

There are very few review websites specific to auto mechanics, and there are ever fewer that do a good job of it. This one does a great job of helping you find a good repair shop, and makes it easy to contact them and find them. So check them out next time you're looking for a mechanic:

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