Code P0441 - Causes and Fixes

Check engine code P0441 "Evaporative Emission Control System Incorrect Purge Flow" is set when the computer sees that there is not enough flow from the purge valve.

Basically this means that there is a problem in the EVAP system (for more information on this see my write up on code P0440). The computer will command the purge control valve open and if it does not sense the right amount of vacuum then it will set this code.

The purge valve is part of the EVAP system. The purpose of this system is to take all of the excess fuel vapor from the gas tank and store it until it can be burned in the engine. If it weren't for this system then all of those vapors would be vented into the atmosphere. Let's find out what are the main culprits of this OBD2 code:

What Causes Code P0441?

  • Faulty Purge Control Solenoid
  • Faulty Purge Control Valve
  • Damaged Wiring to the Purge Solenoid

Less Common Causes

  • Faulty Computer
  • Restriction in the EVAP System
  • Faulty Vacuum Switch

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How to Fix a P0441 Code

The first thing to check is for any hoses that might be damaged or disconnected under your hood. These hoses are the small black ones and should all be connected to something. Check to be sure that they are all connected to something and that they are all routed away from the exhaust manifold and any other place that they might rub. This is not a common cause but you might as well check it since it is easy to do.

You can also check the wiring to the purge solenoid and the connector to make sure they are all in good condition. You probably won't find the problem by checking this but it is worth a try.

Other than that there is not much else that the average car owner can do to diagnose this error code. The diagnosis that would need to be done would include testing to see if the computer is commanding the purge control solenoid open and how much voltage is on the command wire. Then testing to see if the solenoid is opening correctly.

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