Oil Change Scams

I call this an oil change scam but it can apply to most types of auto repairs. By now you've probably read some of the reasons why I don't recommend taking your car to any of these "quick lube" type places.

You take your car in to get an oil changed an by the time it's done they have tried to sell you lots of things that you probably don't even need.

The employees at many of these places are paid on commission. The more parts they sell, the more money they make. Many other of these places pressure their employees into selling parts, whether they are needed or not.

The best demonstration of this are the videos below. I highly recommend you watch them before taking your car to a quick oil change type place:

I don't have any actual statistics (I don't know if they actually exist). I do know however, that the majority of national oil change chain stores try to sell customers any thing they think they might possibly be able to sell them.

Most of the "mechanics" that work there are more like salesmen than mechanics and most of them have no formal experience and little experience. This is why I always recommend that you find yourself a good trustworthy auto repair shop to take your car to.

How To Avoid Oil Change Scams

There are several quick things you can do to protect yourself from being ripped off from an oil change scam.

1. Watch the mechanic while he peforms the oil change

2. Mark your old parts to see if they change them

3. Take a "car guy" with you to get your oil changed

4. Have the oil change done at a trusted repair shop

In actual fact, an oil change is quite simple to perform. Doing it yourself means you won't have to worry about scams plus you will get to save money too - Click here for my step by step guide to changing motor oil and oil filters.

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