Water Powered Car Scam

Most people have heard something about a water powered car. I have heard about this technology and heard many different things from many different people.

I have done a lot of studying into this interesting technology and I offer my observations below. First let me say that I consider myself an objective party. I do not stand to lose or gain anything by offering my opinion. I do not sell "run your car on water" devices nor do I have anyone paying me to tell you my opinion.

The Idea

The basic idea behind this "run your car on water idea" is to produce "hho" (hydrogen + oxygen), or "browns gas" using the electricity in your cars electrical system. This hho or browns gas is then burned in the engine producing better fuel economy. The water4gas system is based on the theory that these gasses will burn more efficiently than regular gasoline as stated on the water4gas website.

The Claims

I have read many other websites (other than the water4gas website) that make some pretty good claims as to the benefits of these "water car" kits. These claims will often be things like:
-"save up to 40% on fuel costs!"
-"Create your own water hybrid for under $150!"
-"Your car will become at least 40% more fuel efficient and produce cleaner emissions."
-"Once installed, it will save you an average of $110 per month for many years into the future!"

The Research

You would think that people who make these claims would provide some good, solid, scientific research from INDEPENDENT research companies. In reality I have yet to see ANY. In fact, all I have seen are people giving sales pitches that look like research. Here is a link to an independent website for you to read more:

Consumer Affairs

What About All Those Websites?

You might be wondering why, if this is obviously a scam, are there so many sites out there that claim that it works. I give you one reason. They make money from it! That's it. You see some of the people that are selling these "water powered car" kits are also advertising affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are one great way to make money from your website or blog. The thing that I keep going back to is why is there no independent, objective research showing that this "run car on water" system really works?


If you are considering this "run car on water" system or trying to burn hho or browns gas in your car. Please look at all of the website links that I have provided and read them carefully. You will save yourself a lot of time and money by doing so. Just because people say it works does not mean that it does...it just means they are trying to make a buck from it! The water powered car idea is a total scam.

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