Automotive Product Reviews

Product reviews are very helpful when you are trying to figure out what you should or shouldn't buy.

When it comes to your car or truck there are thousands of products that will either really help or be a total rip off. I'm here to help you sort out the good from the bad.

Whether you are trying to find something to clean your fuel injectors or you just have a car repair question that you need answered. I'll help you decide if the product or service is something that you should buy or something that will just be a waste of money. Lets take a look at some common products and services and find out what an experienced mechanic has to say about them!

Product Reviews

Reviewed Products

ALLDATAdiy Review - Online Repair Manual

Mitchell1DIY Review - Online Repair Manual

Justanswer Review - Ask a Mechanic Online

Harbor Freight Review - Tool Store

MechanicAdvisor Review - Find a Mechanic

My Review Rules

We Are Not Paid for Any of Our Reviews

We don’t accept money for any of the reviews that we provide. That being said, we are affiliates of some of the products. We are not affiliates of any company or product that we cannot stand behind, therefore even though we are affiliates we still will tell you our honest opinion of the product or service.

We Stand Behind What We Say

If we give the business a thumbs up on our website that means that we truly do think it is a good, worthwhile business or service and we feel good about recommending it. In most cases we use the product or service ourselves. If we don’t like it, we will tell you!

We Do Our Best to be Unbiased

We try to test everything fairly without regard to our preconceived opinions. Obviously there is no way to test things without any bias at all, but we do our best.

Our Readers Have the Right to Their Own Opinions

If you feel we are completely wrong in what we say about something please tell us using the comment form. Please keep your comments respectful even if you disagree. If you post an inappropriate comment we won’t post it.

Have a Product or Service You Want Us to Review?

If you are promoting a product or service please fill out the form below to be considered for a free review. There are a few things to keep in mind:

We Need a Sample

We have to have something to test. When you fill out the form we will respond with an address for you to send our sample to. In the case of a web based service business we will need to have login credentials so we can try out the service.

We Will Get to Your Entry as Soon as We Can

We are busy people so we check out all product reviews entries as soon as we get a chance. We also try to be as thorough as possible with each entry. Depending on what it is we are testing it could take a while to get a good feel for it. If you are curious why we are taking so long please just email us.

We Will Check Out Anything Related to Cars

We will test anything that we think our readers would want to know about. Everything from online auto repair manuals to hood ornaments and everything in between!

Your Entry Will be Read by Lots of People

We get up to 30,000 visitors every month (and trending upward) so there will be a lot of people checking our product reviews. If our tests show that we can recommend you to our customers it will be good for your business.

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