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I fix cars and answer people's auto repair questions for a living. My friends and family keep telling me "we wish you lived closer so we could take our car to someone we trust". I believe everyone should have a good, trustworthy mechanic. That is why I created this site.

Throughout the pages of this website I will be explaining many different aspects of my industry. I have years of experience as an automotive technician, automotive manager and as a do it yourself mechanic just learning about cars. I have filled this site with my knowledge of the industry to help you decide whether you can fix it yourself, where to have you car repaired if you cannot fix it yourself, how to interpret car repair estimates, how to avoid getting ripped off (car repair fraud) and lots of other things.

As an automotive mechanic I have dealt with many people and some people who had been previously ripped off by an auto repair shop. I hate to say it but it is too easy for repair shops to rip people off. As a consumer the best thing that you can do is learn about your car and about the automotive industry. I have provided a look into it inside the pages of my automotive website.

Most Popular Pages

Car Question Page
If you ever need to get a auto repair question answered quickly and accurately by trained automotive technicians then this is the place for you to ask your question. You can get any information that you could ever need about your car. If you need a wiring diagram, step-by-step repair procedure, advice from a dealership technician, maintenance information, a picture of a sensor on your car, or anything else you can use this page to get that information. Check it out...

Car Repair Estimates
Anytime you take your vehicle to a shop to get something diagnosed you should get an estimate of the cost of repairs. The problem is that many people have no idea whether the estimate is fair or not. This page is here to help you figure that out. Check out the repair cost estimator...

Check Engine Light Codes
Everyone has their check engine light come on at some point in the life of their vehicle. This part of my website is for you. When that dreaded check engine light comes on you need to get the codes read, then you can come back to my OBD codes section and look up the meaning of the code and what the possible fixes are. Learn more...

Auto Repair Manuals
If you try to repair your car yourself you will need a good online manual to help you fix your car correctly. If you try to do it without a repair manual you will probably end up spending a lot more time and more money than you would have if you just spent a few dollars to get access to all of the car information you would need to do the repairs. I use an online auto repair manual so I know exactly how to do every repair job. I've reviewed the best ones here...

Car Sensor Videos
Cars have so many sensors on them that it's hard to keep track of which one does what. This page will help you make sense of it all. You will find a video about each of the major sensors on your car. It will explain what they are and how they work. Find out more...

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